Titus and Andronicus – act 1 scene 1 – EXTREMELY SHORT SYNOPSIS!

Emperor of Rome dies. Titus Andronicus (a general returned from the war) is told to be emporer. He says NO! Emperors sons (Saterninus and Basianus). fight over emperor. Titus says Saterninus (elder) should be emporor, who takes Lavinia (Titus’s daughter) as his bride. However Basianus (other son) runs away with her. Titus kills one of his sons in an argument for helping her. Saterninus then marries Tamorra, who is the queen of the goths and a captive of Titus from his war campaign. Titus also killed one of her sons in front of her. As the empress, Tamorra says to Titus that she forgives him for killing her son, but aside she says to Saterninus that she will get her revenge.
End of act 1.

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