Shakespeare coursework, war poetry anthology, Wilfred Owen, Titus Andronicus

Shakespeare and Wilfred Owen both show similar emotions and use similar emotions to express them.
Devastation- shown in both Titus Andronicus and all of Wilfred Owens works. It is a key emotion as it forms the basis of Shakespeare’s revenge tragedy, and is the main feeling that is conveyed by Wilfred Owen’s poems.

The breaking down of characters is shown in both Shakespeare’s and Wilfred Owen’s works, and are both shown by a similar technique. The main technique used is the use of an iambic meter, and the breaking down of it. Within both texts, the iambic pentameter gradually breaks down, reflecting the state that the characters are in. Within Titus Andronicus, this is also shown by lines ending on a weak foot (weaker beat of the meter), creating an air of uncertainty as they’re faltering.
“For why my bowels cannot hide her woes” 9beats, ends on weak foot.

Meter, break down of meter reflects characters breaking down

Confusion/multitude of emotions/uncertainty – ceasura

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