Broken dreams in of mice and men, gcse controlled assessment.

“He ain’t no good to you candy, he ain’t no good to anyone!” Steinbeck employs foreshadowing here to show the key theme of broken dreams.

” but not us! An why? Because…because I got you to look after me and you got you to look after me, that’s why! Steinbeck uses adjacency pairs and rhetorical questions to assert George and Lenny’s dream of living together in a small house. The rhetorical questions show that George is sure of it, and that there is no other option. However, the continuous re-assertion of this point, together with the large amount of foreshadowing, leads it dramatic irony being created as it becomes apparent to the reader that they will never accomplish their goal. The rhetorical question end up seeming that George is almost pleading for this to happen, showing that his dream is already threatened with being broken.

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