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Dancing livestock? Laughing-stock!

Who’s seen Three’s latest advert? The one with the horse moonwalking to the sound of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’. Your opinions? Hilarious, I’m sure. But have you even considered what it took for them to make that happen? Forcing a beautiful Shetland pony such as that to do something unnatural such as that is sheer cuelty, scandalous, and disrespect! Is this how low that we have stooped? To televise animals making fun of themselves for commercial use, to attract the well sought-after customer? Well yes, we have stooped this low; after the release of this ad Three’s sales skyrocketed. This says a lot about our nation- stupid strutting animals creating sales for a company. A surprise after the majority turned up their noses to the so called ‘childish’ so called memes. Ooh the irony.

Imagine this: you are the horse, being forced to dance, filmed, and then being used in a commercial. How would you feel? Humiliated? Embarrassed? Harassed? The indignation of this horse is not acceptable, it is a living creature and therefore should have the same rights as we do. These graceful animals should not be violated in such a manor. Training a horse normally is no easy task, but training a horse to dance? A near impossible feat. It would have required hundreds of hours of work put in, a long and gruelling process for both the horse and the trainer. Yes the human training the horse can stop when they’re fatigued, but there is no way of teling wether a horse is tired mentally or physical, or be able to gauge the horse’s feelings.

– Animal cruelty
– Disrespect/mockery
– Others bad ideas?
– Memes

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